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You are about to make a significant decision. The outcome of which will be based on the builder you choose. Below are 11 reasons to use Builder Finders instead of going direct to a builder.

why do you need


Imagine being sick and tired of wasting countless weekends visiting display homes, only to end up having 20 brochures and a huge headache. The task of coordinating the build of a home can be exhaustive.  Dealing with designers, builders, council, engineers etc can be all too much for some.  It’s also extremely costly when you are constantly dipping your pocket to pay for each of these consultants and in many cases, you then find the build price is so far over your budget that the home never actually gets built. There is definitely an easier and more convenient way. Here at Builder Finders, we do the running around for you. For clients wishing to build their dream home, to seasoned developers wishing to achieve maximum profit on a multi-dwelling unit site, we will source the best deal for YOU. Working closely with our personally selected panel of quality builders, we will choose those that are best suited to your development and budget. We deal directly with management to ensure that they provide the best price, quality and service. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the building industry therefore we can take the time and guess work out of your decision.

Let's find
you a builder

Why not find your own builder?

When sourcing your own builder have you completed a full due diligence review on your builder? For example, thorough reference checking, licence checks, ASIC checks, insolvency checks etc. This takes a lot of time and knowing the right questions to ask is critical to understanding who you are selecting to build for you. At Builder Finders we complete a thorough due dilgence and screening procees to ensure we find the best builders to work for you!

With Builder Finders, you can build wherever you want.

It doesn’t matter where you want to build as we can assist you to find the best builder in your selected area. You can build on any block of land. It doesn’t matter if your site is a narrow lot or heavy sloping block, a difficult shape or a problem site, Builder Finders has a panel of expert builders that can help.


Building a home or renovating property is no different. We know that the service we provide will ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers and represents exceptional value. Because of this, we are pleased to disclose our commission to any prospective clients. Builder Finders will gladly disclose the commission value of any project that we undertake, something we believe is essential for us to build trust-based partnerships.

We believe that the best way to develop the level of trust, communication and respect needed      in any successful partnership is through a policy of openness and honesty. We will be transparent about our services, options and applicable fees and charges and will communicate in simple to understand language and act with the highest standards of integrity.

Builder Finders offers a complete in-house service.

Regardless if you’re a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, Builder Finders have the design solutions and can offer a package that suits your exact requirements. Our professional advisors have years of construction industry experience and will take the time to listen and understand exactly what you want.

Builder Finders arranges the best possible deal for your project.

Just as a finance broker arranges the best finance deal for your loan, Builder Finders arranges the best possible deal for the construction of your new family home, investment property, renovation or extension. Builder Finders are not builders, unlike many so-called advisors that are only marketing fronts for building companies. Instead, we have very carefully selected a wide range of highly professional award-winning builders to undertake our construction requirements  on  behalf of our clients.

Independent inspections.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that we consistently meet the highest construction standards, every Builder Finders project includes a Practical Completion Inspection by an Independent Registered Builder upon completion of the home as part of our standard process.

Dealing with Builder Finders enables you to deal with industry experts.

When you deal with Builder Finders you are engaging with award winning builders This gives you confidence in knowing that we have all the answers you need to address your problems. Dealing with industry experts and not just commission salespeople, ensures your project is in good hands.

Whether you want to remodel your existing home or build a new one from the ground up, Builder Finders, together with our trusted home builders, will help you achieve your goals.

Choosing Builder Finders is giving yourself the ease and assurance of finding the right builder for you. Builder Finders even organises an assessor to check on any defects and faults at handover. We are there every step of the way for you.

What does it cost?

All home builders include some form of commission in their pricing structure. Normally, this would be paid to the sales consultant working for the building company. But, unlike the salesman, we work for you. We will be right there with you every step of the way, right up to the day you receive your keys, and beyond, if you need us.

Builder Finders charges an initial engagement fee of $750 for our service. However, if you proceed to sign a building contract with a builder on the Builder Finders panel we will fully refund the engagement fee once your construction commences.

Builder Finders are paid by way of commission included in the house price by the builder. As part of our transparency policy, we will gladly disclose our commission to you, something very few builders or brokers will match.

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1. Time

It's precious. We understand how busy you are. You can focus on your kids, your job and relationships knowing full well we have you covered. With hundreds of builders to choose from, we know exactly which 3 builders to put forward for you to interview that have the resources and skills to handle your project.

2. Savings

Time and time again, we have proven to save clients a significant amount of money. Builder Finders unique tendering process has shown to save you up to 15% and sometimes even more.

3. Trust

We empower you with knowledge so you can find the right builder to trust. Being fully versed in the builder’s background, strength and skill set will give you the confidence you are looking for.

4. Design Solutions

After price, one of the most important elements to consider. Do you have an unusual block? Looking to build a house for the kids to live in well into adulthood? Need a house with minimal steps? There is good news. Many builders on the panel have their own in-house design solutions or can easily accommodate working with your appointed architect.

5. Panel of Builders

A deeply vetted and exclusive panel of builders means you are dealing with some of Australia's leading builders. Everything from award winning builders, builders that specialise in luxury homes, commercial buildings, project homes, alterations and additions, multi-unit dwellings. We have you covered.

6. We do all the work

Outsourcing is an intelligent use of your time and you are still always in control. Why not have the professionals whom do this every day translate your building objectives into a course of action which will deliver the right builders for you to interview.

7. Experience

Understanding your needs and translating it into the finished product is what we are good at. Let us help by making suggestions and use our experience to your advantage.

8. You don't know what you don't know

Builder finders makes sure you know the things you need to know before they become a problem. We help you understand every part of the building process before they become a problem, avoiding the pitfalls, minimising delays, ensuring budgets are met and mitigating the potential for cost blow outs.

9. Consumer report

A one stop 12-page comparison report allows you to take complete control of the tendering and builder selection process. You will be able evaluate each of the builders quoted price comparing "apple with apples" for a deeper understanding of what your money is purchasing. This easy to understand comparison puts all the information at your fingertips, allowing you to make an informed decision about which builder is the right one for you. This report also includes other information that is essential to selecting a builder e.g. ASIC information, Creditorwatch and independent reviews from previous customers.

10. Handover

For any customers spending $250k plus on their project, Builder finders will organise an independent builder to come in at handover and pick up on any defects, sloppy work or issues that needs addressing. No doubt you will be able to pick up on issues that need rectifying. However, there is nothing like having the support of an eagle-eyed independent builder to come in and pick up anything you have missed.



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